Monday, August 16, 2010

Have you ever had one of those days!!??

Well, I am!!
My day started with an interesting discussion with a member of senior management about online games .....
Then Lisa, the ("Robin" to my "Batman" - just kidding!!) wonderful librarian who works with me had to go home to sick children
Then I had the lovely man from our local glass firm come and check out our library doors (yep - you guessed it - they're all made entirely of glass!!) ..... a loooong, sad story .......
Then I had to deal with a heating problem in the library (not good when it's still winter and we are in Southland after all, where it can get brisk)
Then I had to let our property manager know that the staff toilet in the library block is .... well .... blocked!!
Then I had to deal with a shipment of books that a courier had obviously left sitting in a puddle somewhere
Then I needed to deal with a laptop that wasn't working
All this - and I hadn't even made it to morning teatime yet!!
Sigh .....
Tomorrow will be better - It's Dress Up Day!!



  1. Sounds like a fairly intense day! our library week is combined with international Language week so is alternately hectic or non-existent! So far we have established that boys will find out if there's food in the library even if no-one advertises the fact, and that Chinese chess is harder than you imagine!
    Blind-dating with books up for Friday.....we'll see how that goes.

  2. Oh Senga, your day sounds just like mine with a few modifications. The toilets that give us problems are the boys, and the solution is for us to only unlock them during breaks and lunch, which means we have to remember to lock them again. Seems to be working though, not nearly as offensive as in the past. The lift is finally working after several days of nagging, I was able to fix the dodgy printer myself, and our combination Library and Sports registration week is bedlam! But we are seeing students in here that wouldn't normally come, so it is worth it. Have a great library week and keep up the great work on this blog.