Thursday, September 9, 2010

To our Canterbury School Library Colleagues

To our colleagues working in the earthquake-affected areas of Canterbury

SLANZA wishes to extend our thoughts and good wishes to you all as you return to your schools and assess the damage created by the earthquakes experienced in the past week.

While I have spoken to a couple of librarians in the region in recent days, it is very difficult to get a full picture of the situation individual schools are facing. In order for SLANZA to be of practical help and support I would appreciate hearing from those of you affected that feel you will need outside assistance or advice. As you will be aware from my previous posting, the library leaders across the sectors are most anxious to assess specific needs in order to make sure support and assistance is provided where needed.

This may not be something you are necessarily able to do immediately as the situation continues to change and develop on a daily basis but I would appreciate hearing from you all and sharing your stories and journeys as you deal with the days, weeks and months ahead of you.



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