Monday, August 22, 2011

Collected to be in the EBSCO publishing database

Kia ora

We have good news about Collected magazine.  We have been approached by EBSCO who were seeking to obtain an agreement to include our magazine in their database. It was very nice to be identified as an excellent fit for their databases,and we can take this as acknowledgement of the standards we have set, and the quality of writing from all of our contributors.

Fiona has just signed off the licensing agreement and the folk at EBSCO publishing are working through the preliminary steps for getting our content into the appropriate database.  This is a process which may take several months, so we will keep you informed as updates come to hand.

So now you have even more reason to consider writing for the magazine, and we look forward to being inundated with offers the next time we put out a call!  Well done to all who have contributed, assisted with editing and especially to Miriam for the work she does in making it look so digitally fine.

Donna Watt
SLANZA Communications Leader

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  1. H-U-G-E CONGRATULATIONS to the Collected team. What a fabulous tribute to your commitment, passion and work.