Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday Star Times article

I hope you've all taken the opportunity to read the article School Libraries the Poor Relation published in the Sunday Star Times on Sept 11th.

This is a good follow up to last month's article in the PPTA News about school library budget concerns for New Zealand schools.

What can you do to keep the momentum going? Share this article with your school colleagues, principals, BOT's and encourage them to write in support of suitable and appropriate funding for school libraries and library staffing.

Write something yourself and send it to either the editor of the Sunday Star Times or Imogen Neale, the reporter who wrote the article at: or write to the editor of the PPTA News with your feedback.

We want this conversation to continue. If you would like to do something, but you're unsure what you'd like to say, then maybe you would find the Advocacy Template letter a useful start.

SLANZA would love your feedback on this. You can leave your coment here or you can email either myself at or our president Fiona Mackie at

There is no better time than now with the national elections looming. Let's make sure people outside of our own profession know just how passionate we are about libraries and learning.


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